Stop Eating The Wrong S.H.I.T is actually a philosophical book about our emotional addiction to putting unhealthy things in our body as a distraction to stop becoming the greatest version of ourselves.  S.H.I.T. is an acronym for:

S - Standard American Diet

H - High Blood Pressure

I-   Inflamation

T- Toxins

As Toni takes a deep dive into the toxins that are in the substances we like to identify as food, she also challenges us to start being more obedient to the internal guidance we all have within.

Toni is an ordained minister, a certified holistic health practitioner, philosopher and coach, as well as a soul led Emmy Award Winning music Artist. The most beautiful lesson that Toni shares with us is that she too, has suffered, and sometimes still suffers in her life from actively choosing to be disrespectful to her own spirit. 

"We have been programmed to feed the animalistic side of ourselves, while simultaneously ignoring the spiritual voice that is there to assist us in becoming the greatest version of ourselves. I am not absent of my own version of ignorance."~ Alika Lesson

 Toni Share several Alike Lessons (Spiritual lessons/Downloads) that she has gained throughout her own life, and her hope is to inspire all of us to actively start parenting ourselves.