Photo credit: Mark Katz

CONGRATULATIONS TONI HICKMAN!!! Because of Krip Hop, the Rising Phoenix song and documentary on Netflix, Toni, George Tragic, and Keith Jones (members of Krip Hop) are officially EMMY AWARD WINNERS FOR 2021!!! (Listen to Emmy winning song here)!

She is the bravest woman I know who lives life to it's fullest potential. She is Persistent and never lets obstacles get in her way to achieve here dreams & goals. She is a survivor who knows no limits.~Veronica Sanchez -Director of Health Equity Programs at American Heart Association

."She warms hearts and nurtures spirits..listen for yourself!"~Amy Edmunds~CEO of YOUNGSTROKE

Toni Hickman is a person I saw elevate from a transformation you only see in movies. She has the spirit and the will to motivate anyone that hears her speak and the passion to persuade the hearts and minds of anyone who has lived through any emotional challenges. I have watched her go from not having a voice to being the voice for change, peace,and spiritual elevation. She is a true super hero and someone who speaks directly to the souls of men and women. -- Marrio Marshall of Marshall Law Media