Since Toni was a young girl, she was labeled an entrepreneurial conglomerate by her mother, because she was good at almost everything she attempted to do.  Now, after becoming a certified naturopath and high raw vegan, an internationally known music artist, an author, a motivational speaker- but also surviving life, 2 brain aneurysms and a stroke, Toni has become the conglomerate her mother spoke over her life.

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The Artist

Before Toni's second brain aneurysm, first stroke, and being told she may never walk or speak again, she was signed to a major label (Suave House) that was distributed through Universal records. Toni has been featured on gold and platinum albums, and at one point Vibe magazine rated her one of the best artist coming out the south. Toni had managed to create a national name for herself through her creative way of singing and adding painful ghetto poetry to a beat. Raised by a single, highly educated mother who worked all the time to be able to provide for her only child left Toni with a lot of time on her hands to learn about New Orleans' street life. It is through the streets that Toni learned many of the pains of life, and also many valuable lessons that only the streets can provide.


The Motivational

“Toni Alika Hickman is not only a talented singer-songwriter; she is the survivor of two brain aneurysms and a stroke,” says board-certified neurologist, pain medicine specialist, medical educator, and executive director of the Global Neuroscience Initiative Foundation’s (GNIF),  Dr.Shaheen E Lakhan.

Toni now uses her voice and  music to inspire others. She has been featured on the Deborah Duncan Show, Radio One, featured in Shape magazine and several other publications throughout the world. She has spoken at numerous colleges and other organizations on subjects of depression and recovery, Physical, mental, and spiritual health, living one’s purpose, chemicals in beauty products, and a host of other subjects.She is a speaker/performer for YoungStroke and the American Heart Association, an author, artist, Certified Naturopath, mother, & Activist.