Toni Alika Hickman is not only a talented singer-songwriter; she is the survivor of two brain aneurysms and a stroke,” says board-certified neurologist, pain medicine specialist, medical educator, and executive director of the Global Neuroscience Initiative Foundation’s (GNIF),  Dr.Shaheen E Lakhan.

Toni now uses her voice and  music to inspire others. She has been featured on the Deborah Duncan Show, Radio One, featured in Shape magazine and several other publications throughout the world. She has spoken at numerous colleges and other organizations on subjects of depression and recovery, Physical, mental, and spiritual health, living one’s purpose, chemicals in beauty products, and a host of other subjects.She is a speaker/performer for YoungStroke and the American Heart Association, an author, artist, Certified Naturopath, mother, & Activist.


 This Emmy Award winning artist has spoken at several organizations and businesses throughout the United States and featured in publications and radio in different parts of the world.

Some of her speaking/performing engagements include:

  • Austin State Capital

  • Georgia State University

  • San Francisco Public Library

  • Community Book Center

 (New Orleans)

  • Prarie view (College Station)

  • YoungStroke Conference

Jacksonville, Florida

  • Radio One

  • Texas Black Expo

  • Women with Disabilities Conference

  • YoungStroke Fundraiser Washington, DC

  • Deborah Duncan Show

  • Reel Abilities (White Oak Music Hall