Alika The Warrior

Born in New York, raised in New Orleans, she attended 15 or more schools before dropping out in the 11th grade. Though she lived mainly in New Orleans, she also lived in Atlanta and Houston at different times of her life, and went back to Harlem, New York off and on. At 9 years old, Toni started writing poetry and philosophy about life, and her experience of aches and pains while growing up with a single mother in poverty. Yet, she was also able to experience the financial safety that her mother's better jobs created for their household.

Toni was signed to a well-known rap label in the south and was featured on gold and platinum albums before she eventually had her 2nd brain aneurysm, and first stroke, & was told she may never speak or walk again. Even though Toni thought her music career was over as a singing rap artist after discovering she was partially paralyzed, it was only the beginning of her learning to love herself and pivoting into living her life's purpose.

Since then, Toni has become an ordained/unorthodox minister/spiritual counselor, a wholistic health practitioner and a certified holistic health practitioner & consultant, , a more spirit driven philosopher and speaker, an Emmy award winner with Krip Hop Nation, and a friend of discipline and self mastery.